Bieber Fever IV: March 7, 2013

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Every year we talk about the standout that has done it throughout the summer and on test. Lot 1 has done that but with the power of a great cowline and a sire that we think is going to really leave a mark here. His cowline is the Galle cowline, and the most recent matriarch, Bieber Galee 9513, sold this past fall as one of the high selling donors. She has an impact on our herd and our customers with sons selling to the Maders, WY; Hughes Cattle Co, KY; Ammann, SD; Kent Hughes, SD; Lorin Roseland, SD; S & S Cattle, SD; Dan Beyerlin, KS; Travis Johnson, SD; David Miller, NE and most recently last year’s Lot 7, Bieber Steakhouse Y165 to Semex, the world’s largest semen cooperative. Lot 1’s dam is going to be a force here and often the first calf is one of the best. We aren’t going to put much in the footnotes about the data this year because it’s all right there. You will be hard pressed to find a bull anywhere in the breed this year that will stack up to Lot 1.