The Livestock Link

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The Livestock Link, LLC was originally a part of Hereford America, Inc. Then in 2014, the huge success of the video division was more than what Hereford America could handle on its own. In 2016 it was decided to create a new company which is known as The Livestock Link, LLC. Marc & Jill Hotchkiss, owners of Hereford America, Inc. along with Phil Eggers, are the primary owners in the new company. People working for the company also have a stake in the ownership of The Livestock Link, LLC.

The Livestock Link, LLC is a company specializing in the following:

  • Videoing of Livestock
  • Videoing of Real Estate
  • Conducting Video Sale onsite
  • Clerking of Sales
  • Live & Static Internet Auctions 
  • Online Click-to-Bid


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