Bieber Fever VI: March 6, 2014

Bulls: Lots 1-50Lots 51-100Lots 101-150Lots 151-200Lots 201-250Lots 251-301 Females: Lots 305-350Lots 351-372

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Sale Catalog

Lot 1’s sire, Pardinga Iron Ore E27, may be one of the most successful outcross sires to come around in a few years. Lot 1 stacks the great Tina cowline that has consistently produced the front end sires every year at Bieber Red Angus. Lot 1’s dam, 276Y sold to my uncle Leroy, for whom we run some cows and was a bargain at $3000 when she sold in 2012. The Roosevelt daughters are going to be known for their great maternal package. This son has all the opportunity to make a herd move forward with cutting edge data and a fresh pedigree for the Red Angus breed. We started to list the customers that have benefited from the Tina cowline and the list is very long and includes many of our commercial buyers.