Bieber Fever XIV: March 1, 2018

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Sale Catalog

We are starting the sale with three Spartacus sons that may be some of the best bulls we have ever produced. This first bull combines his sire with Rollin Deep genetics on the
dam side. The Rollin Deep daughters have exceeded our expectations as they are great cows with very good udders and maternal traits. The stout phenotype they produce
makes them an excellent mating with Spartacus. Lot 1 also boasts the great Primrose cowline. His grandam was flushed extensively and has over 50 progeny registered,
and we fully expect that 512B will be in our flush program in 2018 and 2019. Spartacus has been our go to sire for the last few years, and he made a lot of friends last fall
when he was on display at our production sale – you won’t find a sire with a better disposition. Don’t think for a minute we have forgotten the females with this bull! We will
continue to talk about it throughout the catalog, but we find that the Spartacus daughters are outstanding. Our goal has always been to produce Red Angus cattle that are
useful for the industry and will produce consistent results. Casey Fanta of Wulf Cattle commented to us that our genetics are very consistent and that fits their program and
end goal extremely well.