Bieber Fever XIV: March 1, 2018

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This is a bull that is just about as thick as he is deep. Lot 2 has been a standout since day one. He comes from an exceptional dam who we flushed in our program early. In
hindsight, we wish we would have flushed his granddam, because we flushed her great granddam extensively with excellent results. The granddam Basin Eldorene has 33
progeny registered to her credit. She is now in 9 Mile Ranch’s ET program. We believe the best way to make them better is to continue using the young, consistent genetics,
and Lot 2’s dam is exactly the kind of cow that will move a program forward. She ranks high on our list of Fusion daughters, who have spectacular udders. Stacking his dam
with Spartacus makes this bull one to watch in the future. His picture reminds us of Rollin Deep’s phenotype - deep and thick with lots of style.