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Sachtjen Herefords Spring Bred Cows (Government Pocket Pasture)

This group of cows is the Heart of the Spring Calving Cows.  It is made up of 2nd calvers up to 9-year-old cows with an average age of 5.  These cows are 80% home raised with the balance of the cows coming from a couple of L1 dispersals of Le Force Herefords in Oklahoma and Rutt Herefords in Nebraska.  They are of donor quality if we were to do Embryo Work.

These cows are 85% or more L1 bred, utilizing bulls from L-W Herefords in Montana, Jamison Herefords of Kansas, Logterman Herefords in Nebraska, Flying S Herefords of Texas, and B&D Herefords of Kansas. All bloodlines of those herds go back to Cooper and Holden.  Over the years we have used some Canadian bloodlines to utilize on our L1 cow Herd to give us an in-breed hybrid vigor.

All cows were exposed to different bulls by hand mating this spring at home due to the drought conditions.  On June 10, 2023 we went to summer pasture where these cows have been running with our Canadian Sire:  Triple A 12D Hat Trick 30H a deep, stout, big boned athletic moving herd bull that is as gentle as a pup.

Speaking about gentle, life is too short for my 77-year-old right hand man (Dad), my young sons and myself.  So, if I cannot handle these cows on foot, and/or must worry about their disposition they are gone!!  We take great pride in the Hereford disposition and have worked hard to improve the udders on our cow herd.  We welcome you to set up a time to come walk through these cows.  I assure you they know no strangers and you will be welcome to walk through them as I will use a bag of cubes just as I did for Marc to video these cows in the middle of a section pasture, and we let them come to us.  These cows will be preg checked on 9/15/2023 by the Stockman’s Vet Clinic of North Platte and will have breeding shots, booster and dewormed.

Tracy Sachtjen
North Platte, Nebraska
(402) 366-3230