Cows for sale by Private Treaty

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Info on cows (pdf)


FALL CALVING COWS in McPherson County

Once again these are working cows, not show cattle and never have ever been fed silage!  These cows will get grass hay, alfalfa, corn stalks in the winter, and summer range.  If we can’t handle them on foot, no need to own them.  A bag of cubes goes a long way. Currently calving and will be worked soon.  These cows will be processed by 9/25/2023 and calves vaccinated.

They are predominantly home raised, with a few cows purchased from the Gibson Hereford Dispersal, Tipton Dispersal and Le Force Dispersal. Cow age ranges from 4 to 10 years old (1 cow) with an average age of 5 years.  They have raised many sale bulls for us over the last 8 years. Some of the current calves on the ground are out of our Canadian Sire:  Triple A 1321 Hotshot 4H or LW 6128 Domino 1050J ET.

We have put a lot of work into culling our cow herd for disposition, quality, and udders. We feel this is a great foundation to start or add on to a current operation.


This is predominantly the younger 1st and 2nd calving cows with a few of the grandmas.  We mouth our cows at least once a year and cull when they don’t make the grade.  If a cow is still here at 10 - 12 years age and has a solid mouth, long tooth, she has earned the right to stay another year.  With that being said, we just culled all the 9, 10 and 12-year-olds that were broken mouthed or with udder issues.  We do still have a few that have a full set of teeth and excellent udders.  The young cows are all out of L-W sires.  We have had great success with L-W Bulls out of dams that were elite donors from the Cooper and Holden herds.  These cows will be processed and worked in the next 10 days.  Please call with questions and more importantly come and take a look.

We are not a big outfit, but one that normally sells 15 to 20 yearling and age advantaged bulls at the Ogallala Livestock Market each March. Typically, at the end of the day we no longer own any bulls.  We average from $3,250 to $4,000 per bull each of the last 8 years. Many of these cows are dams of sale bulls and replacement heifers. These cows are working cows. Currently they are approximately 50 miles from my home base in North Platte and get checked every other day or so when we check windmills.  They must do it on their own.

Thank You for your considering this opportunity.

Tracy Sachtjen
North Platte, Nebraska
(402) 366-3230